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fill pronunciación
verb (filled , filling )
1 (also fill something up) to make it full fill the bath with water .
2 intr (also fill up) to become full The petrol tank filled up quickly .
3 to take up all the space in something.
4 to satisfy (a need); to perform (a role) satisfactorily.
5 (sometimes fill up) to occupy (time).
6 (also fill something in or up) to put material into (a hole, cavity, etc) to level the surface.
7 to appoint someone to (a position or post of employment).
8 a to take up (a position or post of employment);
b to work in (a job), sometimes temporarily She filled the post for six months .
9 intr said of a sail: to billow out in the wind.
1 anything used to fill something.
2 material such as stones, gravel, etc used to fill a space to a required level.
[Anglo-Saxon fyllan ]
eat one's fill to consume enough food to be satisfied.
have had one's fill of something or someone to have reached a point at which one desires no further experience of it or them.
fill someone in to inform them fully; to brief them.
fill something in
1 to write information as required onto (a form, etc).
2 said of a drawing: to complete it.
fill in for someone to take over their work temporarily. See also fill-in.
fill out to put on weight and become fatter or plumper.
fill something out
1 to enlarge it satisfactorily; to amplify it.
2 chiefly N Am to fill in (a form, etc).
fill something up to fill in (a form, etc).

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