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figure pronunciación , ; N Am
1 the form of anything in outline.
2 a symbol representing a number; a numeral.
3 a number representing an amount; a cost or price He quoted a figure of £50 to do the job .
4 an indistinctly seen or unidentified person He saw a figure coming through the mist .
5 a representation of the human form, especially in painting or sculpture.
6 (figures) arithmetical calculations; statistics.
7 a well-known person a public figure .
8 a specified impression that one makes by one's behaviour He cut a lonely figure walking down the street .
9 a diagram or illustration, especially in a text.
10 the shape of one's body to have a good figure .
11 an image, design or pattern.
12 a geometrical shape, formed from a combination of points, lines, curves or surfaces.
13 music a short distinctive series of notes in music.
14 dancing , sport , etc a set pattern of steps or movements. Compare figure skating.
15 a figure of speech.
verb (figured , figuring )
1 intr (usu figure in something) to play a part in it (eg a story, incident, etc).
2 N Am to think; to reckon.
3 to imagine; to envisage.
4 intr , colloq to be probable or predictable; to make sense That figures!
5 to decorate (a surface) with a design; to add elaborations to (music).
[13c: from Latin figura , from fingere to mould]
keep one's figure to remain slim.
lose one's figure to become fat.
figure on something to count on or expect it; to plan it.
figure someone or something out to come to understand them or it.

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