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feeling pronunciación
1 the sense of touch.
2 emotion as distinct from reason.
3 strong emotion speak with feeling .
4 a belief or opinion.
5 (usu a feeling for something) a natural ability for, or understanding of, an activity, etc.
6 affection.
7 mutual interactive emotion between two people, such as bad feeling (resentment), good feeling (friendliness), ill feeling (hostility), etc.
8 (often feeling for something) an instinctive grasp or appreciation of it.
9 (feelings) one's attitude to something have strong feelings have mixed feelings .
10 (feelings) one's sensibilities; delicately balanced emotional attitude hurt someone's feelings .
adjective sensitive; sympathetic.
[Anglo-Saxon felan to feel]
feelingless adjective .
feelingly adverb with sincerity; in a heartfelt way.
feelings are running high there is a general feeling of anger, strong emotion, etc.
no hard feelings no offence taken.

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