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eye pronunciación
1 the organ of vision, usually one of a pair.
2 the area of the face around the eye.
3 (often eyes) sight; vision Surgeons need good eyes .
4 attention, gaze or observation catch someone's eye in the public eye .
5 the ability to appreciate and judge an eye for beauty .
6 a look or expression a hostile eye .
7 bot the bud of a tuber such as a potato.
8 an area of calm and low pressure at the centre of a storm.
9 any rounded thing, especially when hollow, eg the hole in a needle or the small wire loop that a hook fits into.
verb (eyed , eyeing or eying ) to look at something carefully.
[Anglo-Saxon eage ]
eyed adjective (esp in compounds )
1 having eyes of the specified kind.
2 spotted.
eyeless adjective .
an eye for an eye retaliation; justice enacted in the same way or to the same degree as the crime.
be all eyes colloq to be vigilant.
cast or run an eye over something to examine it cursorily.
clap, lay or set eyes on someone or something colloq, usu with negatives to see them or it I never want to set eyes on you again .
close or shut one's eyes to something to ignore or disregard it.
eyes down the command at the start of a game of bingo or other non-physical contest.
get or keep one's eye in to become or remain proficient, eg at hitting a target.
give an eye to something colloq to attend to it.
give someone the eye or the glad eye colloq to look at them in a sexually inviting way.
have an eye to something to have it as a purpose or intention.
have eyes for someone to be interested in them.
have one's eye on something to be eager to acquire it.
in one's mind's eye in one's imagination.
in the eyes of someone in their estimation or opinion.
in the wind's eye against the wind.
keep an eye on someone or something colloq to keep them or it under observation.
keep one's eyes skinned or peeled colloq to watch or look out.
make eyes at someone colloq to look at them with sexual interest or admiration, or in a sexually inviting way.
more than meets the eye more complicated or difficult, etc than appearances suggest.
my eye! colloq nonsense!
one in the eye for someone colloq a harsh disappointment or rebuff for them.
see eye to eye with someone to be in agreement with them; to think alike.
under the eye of someone under their observation.
up to the or one's eyes in something busy or deeply involved in (work, a commitment, etc).
with an eye to something having it as a purpose or intention.
with one's eyes open with full awareness of what one is doing.
eye someone or something up colloq to assess their worth or attractiveness.

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