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expose pronunciación
verb (exposed , exposing )
1 to remove cover, protection or shelter from something, or to allow this to be the case exposed to the wind exposed to criticism .
2 to discover something (eg a criminal or crime) or make it known.
3 (always expose someone to something) to cause or allow them to have experience of it.
4 to allow light to fall on (a photographic film or paper) when taking or printing a photograph.
[15c: from French exposer to set out]
exposal noun
1 exposure.
2 exposition.
expose oneself to display one's sexual organs in public.

exposé pronunciación
1 a formal statement of facts, especially one that introduces an argument.
2 an article or programme which exposes a public scandal or crime, etc.
[19c: French, literally -set out- or -exposed-]

exposition pronunciación
1 an in-depth explanation or account (of a subject).
2 the act of presenting such an explanation, or a viewpoint.
3 a large public exhibition.
4 music the part of a sonata, fugue, etc, in which themes are presented.
[14c: from Latin expositio a setting out]
expositional adjective .

adjective explanatory; serving as, or like, an explanation.

verb (expostulated , expostulating ) intr (usu expostulate with someone about something) to argue or reason with them, especially in protest or so as to dissuade them.
[16c: from Latin expostulare to demand]
expostulation noun .
expostulative or expostulatory adjective .
expostulator noun .

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