Lengua inglesa
1 physical training or exertion for health or pleasure.
2 an activity intended to develop a skill.
3 a task designed to test ability.
4 a piece of written work intended as practice for learners.
5 formal the act of putting something into practice or carrying it out the exercise of one's duty .
6 (usu exercises) mil training and practice for soldiers.
verb (exercised , exercising )
1 tr & intr to give exercise to (oneself, or someone or something else).
2 to use something or bring it into use exercised his right to appeal .
3 to trouble, concern, or occupy someone's thoughts.
[14c: from French exercice , from Latin exercere to keep busy]
exercisable adjective .
exerciser noun .
the object of the exercise the purpose of a particular operation or activity.

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