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exclamation pronunciación
1 a word or expression uttered suddenly and loudly.
2 the act of exclaiming.
[14c: from Latin exclamatio ]

exclamation mark or (US) exclamation point
noun the punctuation mark (!), used to indicate an exclamation.

exclamation mark An exclamation mark has several uses: || It is used, in place of a full stop, to indicate emphasis or strong emotion: Good heavens! What are you doing here? What a lovely garden! Don't you dare say that to me again! Help! Sentences that are questions in form but exclamations in meaning can take an exclamation mark: Wasn't that a marvellous film! Isn't she a despicable person! Commands don't always take an exclamation mark, only when they are said with particularly strong emphasis: Sit down, all of you. -Sit down when I tell you!-, he shouted. || It indicates that what has been said should not be taken seriously: At this rate, we'll be seeing little green men next! || It draws attention to something the writer finds surprising: Although he said he enjoyed (!) being ill, he was clearly depressed that morning.

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