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excess pronunciación
noun (excesses )
1 the act of going, or the state of being, beyond normal or suitable limits.
2 an amount or extent greater than is usual, necessary or wise.
3 the amount by which one quantity, etc exceeds another; an amount left over.
4 (usu excesses) an outrageous or offensive act.
1 greater than is usual, necessary or permitted.
2 additional; required to make up for an amount lacking excess postage excess fare .
[14c: from French exces , from Latin excessus departure or going beyond]
excessive adjective too great; beyond what is usual, right or appropriate.
excessively adverb to an excessive degree.
in excess of something going beyond (a specified amount); more than it in excess of 5 million .

excess A word often confused with this one is access.

excess baggage or excess luggage
noun luggage which exceeds the limits on weight, size or number of items that will be carried free by an airline, etc.

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