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event pronunciación
1 something that occurs or happens; an incident, especially a significant one.
2 an item in a programme of sports, etc.
[16c: from Latin eventus result or event]
at all events or in any event in any case; whatever happens.
in either event no matter which (of two things or possibilities, etc) happens.
in that event if that occurs.
in the event in the end; as it happened, happens or may happen.
in the event of or that something if it occurs in the event of a power cut in the event that power fails .

event horizon
noun , astron the boundary of a black hole.

noun a person or horse that takes part in eventing.

adjective full of or characterized by important or significant events.
eventfully adverb .

noun , poetic or old use evening.
[Anglo-Saxon æfentid ]

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