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engineer pronunciación
1 someone who designs, makes, or works with machinery, including electrical equipment.
2 (also civil engineer) someone who designs or constructs roads, railways, bridges, etc.
3 an officer in charge of a ship's engines.
4 N Am the driver of a locomotive.
5 someone who contrives to bring something about the engineer of the scheme .
6 a person, especially a member of the armed forces, who designs and builds military apparatus and is trained in construction work.
verb (engineered , engineering )
1 often derog to arrange or bring something about by skill or deviousness.
2 to design or construct something as an engineer.
[14c in the form engyneour : from French engignier to contrive, from Latin ingeniare ]

engineering pronunciación
noun the application of scientific knowledge, especially that concerned with matter and energy, to the practical problems of design, construction, operation and maintenance of devices encountered in everyday life. See also chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering.

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