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easy pronunciación
adjective (easier , easiest )
1 not difficult.
2 free from pain, trouble, anxiety, etc.
3 not strict; lenient.
4 not stiff or formal; friendly.
5 tolerant.
6 not tense or strained; leisurely.
7 colloq having no strong preference; ready to accept suggestions offered by others.
8 said of financial circumstances: comfortable; not straitened.
9 in plentiful supply.
10 said of clothing, etc: loose; not restricting.
11 said of exercise or speed, etc: moderate; not extreme or severe.
12 slang ready and willing for sexual experiences.
adverb , colloq in a slow, calm or relaxed way take it easy .
[12c: from French aisie , from aisier to ease]
easily adverb
1 without difficulty.
2 clearly; beyond doubt; by far.
3 very probably.
easiness noun .
easy does it! be careful! take it slowly!
easy on the eye or ear pleasant to look at or listen to.
go easy on or with someone to deal with them gently or calmly.
go easy on or with something to use, take, etc not too much of it Go easy on the wine .
stand easy mil to stand less stiffly than standing at ease.

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