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dribble pronunciación
verb (dribbled , dribbling )
1 intr to fall or flow in drops.
2 intr to allow saliva to run slowly down from the mouth.
3 tr & intr , football , hockey , etc to move along keeping (the ball) in close control with frequent short strokes.
4 tr & intr , basketball to run while continuously bouncing (the ball) using only one hand.
1 a small quantity of liquid, especially saliva.
2 football , hockey , etc an act of dribbling the ball.
[16c: from obsolete drib to fall or let fall in drops]
dribbler noun .

noun a very small amount, especially of liquid.
[16c, originally meaning -a small amount of money-: see dribble]

dribs and drabs
plural noun very small quantities at a time.

dried pronunciación past tense , past participle of dry

drier1 or dryer
1 a device or substance that dries clothing, hair, paint, etc.
2 a person or thing that dries.
[16c in sense 2]

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