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noun in India: used, following her name, as a title for a married woman.
[Sanskrit, meaning -goddess-]

deviance or deviancy
noun (deviances ; deviancies ) departure from normal standards or methods.

adjective not following the normal patterns, accepted standards, etc.
noun someone who does not behave in a normal or acceptable fashion, especially sexually.
[15c, but rare before 20c]

verb (deviated , deviating ) intr to turn aside or move away from a correct or normal course, standard of behaviour, way of thinking, etc.
noun psychol a deviant.
[17c: from Latin deviare to turn from the road, from de from + via road]

1 the act of deviating.
2 geog the existence of, or the amount of, a difference between north as shown on a compass and true north, caused by the magnetism of objects near the compass, etc.

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