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depth pronunciación
1 deepness; the distance from the top downwards, from the front to the back or from the surface inwards.
2 said of feelings or colours: intensity or strength.
3 extensiveness the depth of one's knowledge .
4 (usu the depths) somewhere far from the surface or edge of somewhere the depths of the ocean the depths of the country .
5 (usu the depths) an extreme feeling (of despair, sadness, etc) or great degree (of deprivation, etc).
6 (often the depths) the middle and severest or most intense part (of winter, etc).
7 (depths) serious aspects of a person's character that are not immediately obvious.
8 said of sound: lowness of pitch.
[14c: from Anglo-Saxon deop deep]
in depth deeply and thoroughly.
out of one's depth
1 in water deep enough to cover one's head when standing up.
2 not able to understand, or in a situation which is too difficult for one to deal with.

También tienes: dept
depth charge or depth bomb
noun a type of bomb, usually dropped from a ship, which explodes underwater and is used to attack submarines.
[Early 20c]

depth of field
noun the range of distances between the nearer and further planes in an area photographed, seen through a microscope, etc, within which the image is in reasonably sharp focus.

depth of focus
noun , photog the range of distances between a camera lens and the film within which the image will be clear.

depth psychology
noun , psychol the psychology of the unconscious mind.

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