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decide pronunciación
verb (decided , deciding )
1 intr (sometimes decide on or about something) to establish an intention or course of action regarding it.
2 to settle something; to make the final result of something certain.
3 to make someone decide in a certain way.
4 to make a formal judgement about something.
[14c: from Latin decidere to cut down, settle]
decide to do something to establish an intention of doing it.

decided pronunciación
1 clear and definite; unmistakeable.
2 determined; showing no doubt.
decidedly adverb undoubtedly; definitely.

1 someone or something that decides.
2 something that decides the result of something, eg the winning goal in a match.

1 bot denoting plants which shed all their leaves at a certain time of year, usually the autumn in temperate regions. Compare evergreen.
2 biol denoting structures which are shed at maturity or after a period of growth, eg milk teeth.
[17c: from Latin decidere to fall down]
deciduousness noun .

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