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noun (calculuses or calculi )
1 the branch of mathematics concerned with the differentiation and integration of functions. See differential calculus, integral calculus.
2 med a hard stone-like mass of calcium salts and other compounds, eg cholesterol, that forms within hollow body structures such as the kidney. Also called concretion.
[17c: Latin, meaning -pebble-, diminutive of calx stone]

noun (canaliculi ) anat a small tube or furrow which connects the lacunae (see lacuna, sense 2) in some bones.
[19c in this sense; 16c in obsolete sense -a channel-: Latin diminutive of canalis pipe or groove]
canalicular adjective .
canaliculate or canaliculated adjective .

differential calculus
noun , maths a procedure for calculating the rate of change of one variable quantity produced by changes in another variable, employing differentiation to determine rates of change, gradients of curves, maximum and minimum values, etc.

noun (pl flocculi )
1 astron a cloudy patch on the Sun's surface caused by calcium or hydrogen vapour and usually appearing near sun spots.
2 anat a small outgrowth of the cerebellum.

homunculus or homuncule
noun (pl homunculi ) a small man; a dwarf.
[17c: Latin diminutive of homo1]
homuncular adjective .

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