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cross pronunciación
noun (crosses )
a a mark, structure or symbol composed of two lines, one crossing the other in the form + or ×;
b the mark X indicating a mistake or cancellation. Compare tick1 ( noun 3);
c the mark X used instead of a signature by an illiterate person;
d the mark X used to symbolize a kiss in a letter, etc.
2 a vertical post with a shorter horizontal bar fixed to it, on which criminals were crucified in antiquity.
3 (the Cross) Christianity
a the cross on which Christ was crucified, or a representation of it;
b this as a symbol of Christianity.
4 a variation of this symbol, eg the St Andrew's cross.
5 a burden or affliction have one's own cross to bear .
6 a a monument, not necessarily in the form of a cross;
b as a place name: the site of such a monument.
7 a medal in the form of a cross.
8 a plant or animal produced by crossing two different strains, breeds or varieties of a species in order to produce an improved hybrid offspring.
9 a mixture or compromise a cross between a bedroom and a living room .
10 sport , esp football a pass of (a ball, etc) from the wing to the centre.
verb (crosses , crossed , crossing )
1 tr & intr (often cross over) to move, pass or get across (a road, a path, etc).
2 to place one across the other cross one's legs .
3 intr to meet; to intersect.
4 intr said of letters between two correspondents: to be in transit simultaneously.
5 to make the sign of the Cross upon someone or on oneself, usually as a blessing He crossed himself before entering the church .
6 to draw a line across cross one's t's .
7 to make (a cheque) payable only through a bank by drawing two parallel lines across it.
8 (usu cross out, off or through) to delete or cancel something by drawing a line through it.
9 to cross-breed (two different strains, breeds or varieties of a species of animal or plant) cross a sheep with a goat .
10 to frustrate or thwart.
11 to cause unwanted connections between (telephone lines).
12 sport , esp football to pass (the ball, etc) from the wing to the centre.
1 angry; in a bad temper.
2 in compounds
a across cross-Channel cross-country ;
b intersecting or at right angles crossbar ;
c contrary cross-purposes ;
d intermingling cross-breeding .
[Anglo-Saxon cros , from Latin crux ]
cross one's fingers or keep one's fingers crossed to hope for good fortune by crossing one's middle finger over one's index finger.
cross one's heart to make a crossing gesture over one's heart as an indication of good faith.
cross one's legs to bend one leg at the knee and rest it above the knee of the other, while sitting on a chair, etc. Compare cross-legged.
cross someone's mind to occur to them.
cross someone's palm to put a coin in their hand.
cross someone's path to encounter them.
cross swords with someone to have a disagreement or argument with them.

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