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verb (crept , creeping ) intr
1 to move slowly, with stealth or caution.
2 to move with the body close to the ground; to crawl.
3 said of a plant: to grow along the ground, up a wall, etc.
4 to enter barely noticeably Anxiety crept into her voice .
5 to develop little by little Inflation was creeping slowly but surely upwards .
6 said especially of the flesh: to have a strong tingling sensation as a response to fear or disgust.
7 to act in a fawning way.
1 an act of creeping.
2 derog an unpleasant person.
3 the slow deformation with time of a solid material, especially a metal, under stress, usually occurring at high temperatures.
4 the slow movement of soil, broken rock or mining ground downward under the influence of gravity.
[Anglo-Saxon creopan ]
creeping adjective .
give someone the creeps colloq to disgust or frighten them.

noun a creeping plant.

adjective (creepier , creepiest ) colloq slightly scary; spooky; unpleasant.
creepily adverb .

noun (creepy-crawlies ) colloq a small creeping insect.
adjective experiencing a feeling as of insects crawling over one's skin.

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