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crash pronunciación
verb (crashes , crashed , crashing )
1 tr & intr to fall or strike with a banging or smashing noise.
2 tr & intr (often crash into something) said of a vehicle: to collide or cause it to collide with something.
3 intr to make a deafening noise.
4 intr to move noisily.
5 intr said of a business or stock exchange: to collapse.
6 intr said of a computer or program: to fail completely, because of a malfunction or fluctuation in the power supply, etc.
7 to cause a computer system or program to break down completely.
8 slang to gatecrash (a party, etc).
9 (often crash out) slang
a to fall asleep;
b to sleep at someone else's place.
noun (crashes )
1 a violent impact or breakage, or the sound of it.
2 a deafening noise.
3 a traffic or aircraft accident; a collision.
4 the collapse of a business or the stock exchange.
5 the failure of a computer or program.
adjective concentrated or intensive, so as to produce results in minimum time a crash diet .
[14c: imitating the sound]

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