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contact pronunciación
1 the condition of touching physically.
2 communication or a means of communication.
3 an acquaintance whose influence or knowledge may prove useful, especially in business.
4 in an electrical device: a connection made of a conducting material that allows the passage of a current by forming a junction with another conducting part. Also called electric contact.
5 someone who has been exposed to an infectious disease and is therefore capable of transmitting it.
6 a contact lens.
verb (contacted , contacting ) to get in touch with someone; to communicate with someone.
[17c: from Latin contactus , from contingere to touch each other]
contactable adjective .

contact lens
noun a small lens, usually made from plastic, which is placed in direct contact with the eyeball to correct vision.

contact process
noun , chem the process by which sulphuric acid is manufactured on an industrial scale by the oxidation of sulphur dioxide to sulphur trioxide in the presence of a catalyst.

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