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consist pronunciación
verb (consisted , consisting ) intr
1 (always consist of something) to be composed or made up of several elements or ingredients.
2 (always consist in or of something) to have it as an essential feature; to be contained Her generosity consists in more than just her donations to charity .
[16c: from Latin consistere to stand firm]

consist See Usage Note at comprise.

consistency or consistence
noun (consistencies or consistences )
1 the texture or composition of something, with regard to density, thickness, firmness, solidity, etc.
2 the quality of being consistent.
3 agreement; harmony.
[16c: from Latin consistere to stand firm]

consistent pronunciación
1 (usu consistent with something) in agreement with it; in keeping with it.
2 reliable; regular; steady.
3 said of people or their actions: adhering to the same set of principles; not contradictory.
[17c: from Latin consistere to stand firm]
consistently adverb .

noun (consistories ) Christianity an ecclesiastical council, especially one composed of the Pope and cardinals, for conducting business.
[14c: from Latin consistorium meeting-place]

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