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computer pronunciación
noun an electronic device which processes data at great speed according to a program (see under programme) stored within the device. See also analogue ( adjective ), digital (sense 2).

computer dating
noun the introduction of possible romantic partners by an agency, by entering data supplied by clients into a computer which then matches them up according to common interests, etc.

computer game
noun , comput a game on cassette, cartridge, disk or CD which is played on a home computer, with the player manipulating moving images on the screen by means of a keyboard, control pad or joystick.

computer graphics
noun the use of computers to display and manipulate information in graphical or pictorial form, either on a visual-display unit (VDU) or via a printer or plotter.

computer language
noun a defined set of numbers, symbols or words used to write a computer program. See high-level language, low-level language.

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