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common pronunciación
1 often met with; frequent; familiar a common mistake .
2 shared by two or more people, things, etc characteristics common to both animals .
3 publicly owned.
4 said of a standard one has a right to expect common decency .
5 widespread common knowledge .
6 derog lacking taste or refinement; vulgar.
7 a of the ordinary type the common cold ;
b especially of plants and animals: general or ordinary common toad common bindweed .
8 not of high rank or class the common people .
9 maths shared by two or more numbers highest common factor .
1 a piece of land that is publicly owned or available for public use.
2 law a right to something, or to do something, on someone else's land.
3 slang common sense. See also commons.
[13c: in the form commun , from French comun , from Latin communis ]
commonly adverb .
commonness noun .
in common
1 said of two people with regard to their interests, etc: shared.
2 in joint use or ownership a garden owned in common by the residents .
make common cause to co-operate to achieve a common aim.
the common touch the ability, in someone distinguished by accomplishment or rank, to relate sociably to ordinary people.

common denominator
1 maths a whole number that is a multiple of each of the denominators of two or more vulgar fractions. See also lowest common denominator.
2 something that enables comparison, agreement, etc between people or things.

Common Era
noun (abbreviation CE) a culturally neutral term for the era reckoned since the birth of Christ, sometimes used instead of Anno Domini. See also BCE.

common fraction see under vulgar fraction

common ground
noun an area of mutual agreement or shared interest, often used as a starting-point for discussion.

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