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command pronunciación
verb (commanded , commanding )
1 to order formally.
2 to have authority over or be in control of someone or something.
3 to have at one's disposal.
4 to deserve or be entitled to something.
5 to look down over something The window commands a view of the bay .
1 an order.
2 control; charge.
3 knowledge of and ability to use something a good command of the English language .
4 a military unit or a district under one's command.
5 mil a specialized section of an army, air force, etc Bomber Command .
6 mil a group of high-ranking army officers, etc the British High Command .
7 an instruction to a computer to initiate a specific operation.
8 Brit a royal invitation.
[13c: from French commander , from Latin com- intensive + mandare to give in charge]

command economy
noun a centrally controlled economy in which the state takes all economic decisions. Also called planned economy. Compare market economy, mixed economy.

command module
noun , space flight the section of a spacecraft from which operations are directed, and which serves as living quarters for the crew.

command paper
noun a government document, originally one presented to parliament by command of the monarch. Compare green paper, white paper.

command performance
noun a special performance of a play, etc at the request, and in the presence, of the monarch or head of state.

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