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circle pronunciación
1 a perfectly round two-dimensional figure that is bordered by the circumference, every point of which is an equal distance from a fixed point within the figure called the centre.
2 anything in the form of a circle.
3 a circular route, eg the orbit of a planet, etc.
4 in a theatre, auditorium, etc: a gallery of seats above the main stalls the dress circle .
5 a series or chain of events, steps or developments, ending at the point where it began. See also vicious circle.
6 a group of people associated in some way his circle of acquaintances .
verb (circled , circling )
1 tr & intr
a to move in a circle;
b to move in a circle round something.
2 to draw a circle round something.
[Anglo-Saxon circul , from Latin circulus ]
circler noun .
come full circle
1 to complete a full cycle.
2 to reach or arrive back at the starting-point.
go round in circles to be trapped in a frustrating cycle of repetitive discussion or activity.
run round in circles to rush around frantically, making little progress.

1 a simple band or hoop of gold, silver, etc worn on the head.
2 a small circle.
[15c: from French cerclet , diminutive of cercle circle]

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