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child pronunciación
noun (children )
1 a boy or girl between birth and physical maturity.
2 one's son or daughter.
3 someone lacking experience or understanding in something an absolute child in financial matters .
4 derog an innocent or naive person.
5 someone seen as a typical product of a particular historical period, movement, etc He was a child of his time .
[Anglo-Saxon cild ]
childish adjective
1 derog silly; immature.
2 relating to children or childhood; like a child.
childishly adverb .
childishness noun .
childless adjective .
childlessness noun .
childlike adjective .
with child old use pregnant.

child abuse
noun any form of physical, mental or emotional maltreatment of a child, eg neglect or sexual abuse.

child benefit
noun a regular state allowance to parents for the upbringing of children below a certain age.

Child Support Agency
noun (abbreviation CSA) a UK government body established in 1993 to contact absent parents and enforce their payment of child maintenance costs.

child's play
noun , colloq a basic or simple task.

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