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1 any of a number of hard brittle materials, eg enamels, porcelain and brick, produced by baking or firing clays at high temperatures.
2 an object made from such a material.
adjective relating to or made of such a material.
[19c: from Greek keramikos , from keramos potter's clay]

ceramics pronunciación
singular noun the art and technique of making pottery.

noun an enzyme used in cosmetics.
[Late 20c: from Latin cera wax]

noun the bare wax-like patch at the base of the upper part of a bird's beak, containing the nostrils.
[15c: from French cire , from Latin cera wax]

cereal pronunciación
1 a member of the grass family that is cultivated for its nutritious edible seeds, ie grains, eg barley, wheat, rice, etc.
2 the grain produced.
3 a breakfast food prepared from this grain.
adjective relating to edible grains.
[19c: from Latin Cerealis relating to Ceres, goddess of agriculture]

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