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button pronunciación
1 a small round piece of metal or plastic, etc sewn onto a piece of clothing, which fastens it by being passed through a buttonhole.
2 (sometimes push button) a small round disc pressed to operate a door or bell, etc Press the button to call the lift .
3 a small round object worn as decoration or a badge.
4 any small round object more or less like a button.
5 anything of small value His word is not worth a button .
verb (buttoned , buttoning )
1 (usu button something up) to fasten or close it using a button or buttons.
2 intr to be capable of being fastened with buttons or a button This dress buttons at the back .
[14c in the form botoun : from French bouton any small projection, from bouter to push]
buttoned up slang
1 successfully arranged; safely in one's possession.
2 (esp buttoned up about something) said of a person: unwilling to talk about it; uncommunicative.
on the button colloq exactly right or correct; spot on.
button up slang to stop talking; to shut up.
button something up slang to bring it to a successful conclusion.

button cell or button cell battery
noun a small flat circular battery used to power a watch, etc.

button mushroom
noun the head of an unexpanded mushroom.

buttonhole pronunciación
1 a small slit or hole through which a button is passed to fasten a garment.
2 a flower or flowers worn in a buttonhole or pinned to a lapel. US equivalent boutonnière .
1 to stop someone, especially someone who is reluctant to engage in conversation, and force conversation on them.
2 to make buttonholes in something.

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