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bump pronunciación
verb (bumped , bumping )
1 tr & intr (esp bump into or against something or someone) to knock or hit them or it, especially heavily or with a jolt.
2 to hurt or damage (eg one's head) by hitting or knocking it.
3 (usu bump together) intr said of two moving objects: to collide.
4 (also bump along) intr to move or travel with jerky or bumpy movements.
5 in air travel: to turn away (a passenger who holds a valid reservation for a seat on a flight) because the airline has overbooked the flight.
1 a knock, jolt or collision.
2 a dull sound caused by a knock or collision, etc.
3 a lump or swelling on the body, especially one caused by a blow.
4 a lump on a road surface.
5 (the bumps) an old custom in which the friends and family of a person, usually a child, celebrating his or her birthday, lift them up by their arms and legs, and give them series of thumps against the ground (usually the same number as their new age, plus one for luck).
[17c: imitating the sound]
with a bump colloq with a harsh unpleasant suddenness After the honeymoon, it was back down to earth with a bump .
bump into someone colloq to meet them by chance.
bump someone off slang to kill them.
bump something up colloq to increase or raise (eg production or prices).

verb to start (a car) by pushing it and engaging the gears while it is moving.
noun (bump start) an act or instance of bump-starting a car. See also jump-start.

bumper pronunciación
1 Brit a bar on the front or back of a motor vehicle which lessens the shock or damage if it hits anything.
2 a pad fitted around the inside of a cot to prevent a baby from bumping itself against the bars.
3 US a railway buffer1.
4 something or someone that bumps.
5 an exceptionally good or large example or measure.
6 cricket a bouncer (sense 2).
adjective exceptionally good or large a bumper edition .
bumper to bumper said of traffic: in or consisting of solid queues, one car behind the other.

bumper car
noun a car used in Dodgems.

noun , colloq, usually derog an awkward, simple or stupid person, especially from the country. Also called country bumpkin.
[16c: perhaps from Dutch bommekijn little barrel]

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