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buckle pronunciación
1 a flat piece of metal or plastic, etc usually attached to one end of a strap or belt, with a pin in the middle which goes through a hole in the other end of the strap or belt to fasten it.
2 a curled, warped or bent condition.
verb (buckled , buckling ) tr & intr
1 to fasten or be fastened with a buckle.
2 said eg of metal: to bend or become bent out of shape, especially as a result of great heat or force.
[14c: from Latin buccula -the cheek-strap of a helmet-, literally -little cheek-]
buckled adjective .
buckle down to something colloq to begin working seriously on it.
buckle to or buckle down colloq to get down to some serious work.
buckle under to collapse or give in under strain.

1 hist a small round shield, usually with a raised centre.
2 literary someone or something that protects or shields.
[13c: from French bocler , from bocle a boss2]

Buckley's or Buckley's chance
noun , Aust & NZ colloq no chance at all He's got Buckley's of catching that train .
[19c: perhaps named after William Buckley, a convict who escaped in 1803 and lived for 32 years among the Aborigines before giving himself up]

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