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broadcast pronunciación
verb (broadcast , broadcasting )
1 tr & intr to transmit (a radio or TV programme, speech, etc) for reception by the public.
2 intr to take part in a radio or TV broadcast.
3 to make something widely known.
4 to sow (seeds) by scattering them in all directions, especially by hand.
1 a radio or TV programme.
2 the transmission of a radio or TV programme for reception by the public.
3 the act or practice of broadcasting seed.
1 communicated or sent out by radio or TV on broadcast news .
2 widely known or scattered.
adverb in all directions; widely.
[18c as adj 2, relating to seed -scattered over an entire area-: broad (adj ) + cast (verb )]
broadcaster noun a person who takes part in broadcasts, especially on a regular or professional basis.
broadcasting noun .

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