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breathe pronunciación
verb (breathed , breathing )
1 tr & intr to respire by alternately drawing air into and expelling it from the lungs.
2 tr & intr to say, speak or sound quietly; to whisper.
3 intr to take breath; to rest or pause haven't had a moment to breathe .
4 intr said of fabric or leather, etc: to allow air and moisture, etc to pass through.
5 intr said of wine: to develop flavour when exposed to the air.
6 to live; to continue to draw breath.
7 intr to blow softly warm air breathing over my face .
8 to show or express She breathed confidence .
9 to allow (eg a horse) to rest; to give breathing-space to something.
[13c in the form brethen , from breath]
breathe again or easily or easy or freely colloq to relax or feel relieved after a period of anxiety, tension or fear.
breathe down someone's neck colloq to watch or supervise them so closely that they feel uncomfortable.
breathe fire colloq to speak very angrily; to be furious.
breathe one's last euphem to die.

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