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border pronunciación
1 a band or margin along the edge of something.
2 the boundary of a country or political region, etc.
3 the land on either side of a country's border. See also Borders.
4 (the Border) Brit the boundary between England and Scotland.
5 a narrow strip of ground planted with flowers, surrounding an area of grass.
6 any decorated or ornamental edge or trimming.
adjective belonging or referring to the border, or on the border.
verb (bordered , bordering )
1 to be a border to, adjacent to, or on the border of something An industrial estate borders the town .
2 intr (usu border on or upon or with something) to come near or be adjacent to it.
3 to provide something with a border.
[14c in the form bordure : French, from the same root as board]
bordered adjective .
border on something to be nearly the same as a specified quality or condition, or verge on it actions bordering on stupidity .

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