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noun a group of countries or people, etc that have a common interest, purpose or policy.
[Early 20c: French, meaning -block- or -group-]

block pronunciación
1 a mass of solid wood, stone, ice or other hard material, usually with flat sides.
2 a a piece of wood or stone, etc used for chopping and cutting on;
b (the block) hist a piece of wood used for beheading, across which the condemned person laid their neck.
3 a wooden or plastic cube, used as a child's toy.
4 slang a person's head knock his block off .
5 a large building containing offices, flats, etc.
6 a a group of buildings with roads on all four sides Let's take a walk around the block ;
b the distance from one end of such a group of buildings to the other lives about a block away .
7 Aust & NZ an extensive area of land for settlement or farming, etc.
8 a compact mass, group or set.
9 a group of seats, tickets, votes, data, shares, etc thought of as a single unit.
10 (also in compounds ) something which causes or acts as a stopping of movement or progress, etc; an obstruction roadblock .
11 (often in compounds ) a psychological barrier preventing progress in thought or development, etc writer's block a mental block .
12 sport, esp American football obstruction of an opposing player.
13 athletics , often in pl a starting block fast off the block .
14 (also nerve block) med the obstruction of nerve impulses to a particular area of the body by means of an injection of local anaesthetic.
15 a piece of wood or metal which has been cut to be used in printing.
16 engineering a pulley or set of pulleys mounted in a case, often with rope or chain passing over it, used as part of a lifting tackle. See also block and tackle.
verb (blocked , blocking )
1 (often block something in, off, out or up) to obstruct or impede; to put an obstacle in the way of someone or something.
2 to print (a design, title, etc) on (the cover of a book, piece of material, etc).
3 (usu block something out or in) to draw or sketch it roughly.
4 cricket to stop (a ball) with one's bat held vertically, often with it touching the ground.
5 tr & intr , sport to obstruct the play or action of (an opposing player).
6 med to interrupt or obstruct (a normal physiological function), such as a nerve impulse, eg with an anaesthetic.
7 (often block out) theat to practise the moves in (a scene, etc).
[14c: from French bloc ]
blocked adjective .
blocker see separate entry.
do one's block slang, chiefly Aust & NZ to become very angry or excited; to lose one's temper.

block and tackle
noun , mech , engineering
a a device used for lifting heavy objects, consisting of a case or housing (the block) containing a pulley or system of pulleys and a rope or chain passed over it (the tackle);
b a series of such ropes and blocks.

block capital or block letter
noun a plain capital letter written in imitation of printed type.

block release
noun , Brit release from employment for a period of weeks, or longer, in order to attend a course of study at college, etc.

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