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BEd pronunciación
abbreviation Bachelor of Education.

También tienes: VED
bed pronunciación
1 a piece of furniture for sleeping on, generally a wooden and/or metal frame with a mattress and coverings, etc on it.
2 a place in which anything (eg an animal) sleeps or rests.
3 colloq sleep or rest ready for bed .
4 the bottom of a river, lake or sea.
5 (often in compounds ) an area of ground in a garden, for growing plants rose-bed .
6 a flat surface or base, especially one made of slate, brick or tile, on which something can be supported or laid down.
7 a layer or stratum, eg of oysters, sedimentary rock, etc.
8 colloq sexual intercourse; marital relations All he ever thinks about is bed .
9 a place available for occupancy in a residential home, nursing home or hospital.
verb (bedded , bedding )
1 tr & intr (usu bed down or bed someone down) to go to bed, or put someone in bed or in a place to sleep bedded down on the sofa .
2 (usu bed something out) to plant it in the soil, in a garden, etc.
3 to place or fix something firmly Its base was bedded in concrete .
4 colloq to have sexual intercourse with someone.
5 tr & intr to arrange something in or to form, layers.
[Anglo-Saxon bedd ]
bed of roses see separate entry.
get out of bed on the wrong side colloq to start the day in a bad mood.
go to bed journalism , printing said of a newspaper or magazine, etc: to go to press.
go to bed with someone colloq to have sexual intercourse with them.
in bed with someone or something colloq in close involvement or collusion with (a person, organization, company, etc).
make one's bed and have to lie in it to have to accept the disadvantages that result from one's own actions or decisions.
make the bed to make the bedclothes tidy after the bed has been slept in.
put something to bed journalism , printing to send (a newspaper or magazine, etc) to press.
take to one's bed to go to bed and remain there, because of illness, grief, etc.

También tienes: VED
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