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ball pronunciación 1
1 a round or roundish object used in some sports.
2 (also in compounds ) anything round or nearly round in shape a ball of wool a snowball .
3 the act of throwing a ball, or the way a ball is thrown.
4 a rounded fleshy part of the body the ball of the foot .
5 (usu balls) coarse slang a testicle (see also separate entry balls).
6 baseball a delivery from the pitcher that is too high, low or wide to be called a strike (see strike noun 8a).
verb (balled , balling ) tr & intr to form or gather into a ball.
[13c: from Norse böllr ]
have the ball at one's feet to have the opportunity to do something.
on the ball colloq well-informed; alert.
play ball colloq to co-operate.
start or set or keep the ball rolling to begin or continue an activity, conversation, etc.

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ball pronunciación 2
1 a formal social meeting for dancing.
2 colloq an enjoyable time We had a ball .
[17c: from French bal ]

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