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1 a collection of people or things.
a a gathering together;
b the act of gathering together;
c the state of being gathered together.
3 also a technique in which various materials and found objects are assembled and fixed together to create a three-dimensional work of art. See also collage, found object.

verb (assembled , assembling )
1 tr & intr to gather or collect together.
2 to put together (the parts of something, such as a machine, a piece of furniture, etc).
[13c: from French assembler , from Latin simul together]

assembler pronunciación
noun , comput a computer program designed to convert a program written in assembly language into one written in machine code.

assembly pronunciación
noun (assemblies )
1 a group of people gathered together, especially for a meeting.
a the act of assembling;
b the state of being assembled.
3 the procedure of putting together the parts of something, such as a machine, a piece of furniture, etc.

assembly language
noun , comput a low-level programming language, generally using symbolic addresses, that can be converted into machine code.

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