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artist pronunciación
1 someone who produces works of art, especially paintings.
2 someone who is skilled at some particular thing.
3 an artiste.
4 in compounds , slang someone who takes part in a specified activity such as drinking, fraudulent deals, etc habitually or to excess con artist .

artist, artiste In sense 3, artist is now common in the meaning for which artiste was formerly more common, but is now often regarded as somewhat old-fashioned or affected.

1 a professional performer, especially a singer or dancer, in a theatre, circus, etc.
2 someone whose job is thought to involve a degree of creativity, eg in hairdressing, cooking, etc.
[19c: French]

1 relating to or characteristic of art or artists.
2 liking, or skilled in, painting, music, etc.
3 made or done with skill and good taste.
artistically adverb .

noun artistic skill and imagination.

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