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arrest pronunciación
verb (arrested , arresting )
1 to take someone into custody, especially by legal authority.
a to stop or slow down the progress of (growth, development, etc);
b to stop or slow down the progress of (a disease, etc).
3 to catch or attract (someone's attention).
4 intr , pathol to suffer a cardiac arrest.
5 under Scots and maritime law: to seize (assets, property, freight, etc) by legal warrant.
1 the act of taking, or state of being taken, into custody, especially by the police.
2 a stopping.
3 a halting or slowing down in the progress, development or growth of something; the act of doing this.
[14c: from French arester , from Latin ad to + restare to stand still]
arrestable adjective an arrestable offence .
arrester noun .
under arrest taken into police custody pending a decision on whether or not there is sufficient grounds to make formal charges.

1 strikingly individual or attractive.
2 performing an act of taking someone into custody the arresting officer .

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