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approach pronunciación
verb (approaches , approached , approaching )
1 tr & intr to come near or nearer in space, time, quality, character, state, etc It's approaching one o'clock .
2 to begin to deal with, think about, etc (a problem, subject, etc) They approached the project from an entirely new angle .
3 to contact someone, especially when wanting to suggest, propose, sell, etc something, especially something illegal or underhand was approached by a drug dealer .
1 the act of coming near.
2 a way to, or means of reaching, a place.
3 a request for help, support, etc; a suggestion or proposal.
4 a way of considering or dealing with a problem, etc a new approach .
5 the course that an aircraft follows as it comes in to land.
6 golf the shot that is played onto the putting green.
[14c: from Latin appropiare to draw near]
make approaches to someone to suggest something underhand to them or to try to influence them to do something underhand.

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