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anathema pronunciación
noun (anathemas )
1 someone or something that is detested or abhorred.
2 Christianity a person or doctrine that has been cursed or denounced.
3 a curse.
[16c: Latin, meaning -an excommunicated person-, from Greek, meaning -an offering-]

anathematize or anathematise
verb (anathematized , anathematizing ) to curse or denounce.
anathematization noun .

noun a group of extinct languages, including Hittite, spoken c.2000 bc in Anatolia, an area now in present-day Turkey and Syria.
adjective relating to this group of languages.

noun a scientist who specializes in anatomy.

anatomy pronunciación
noun (anatomies )
1 the scientific study of the structure of living organisms, including humans, especially as determined by dissection and microscopic examination.
2 the art of dissection.
3 the physical structure of an organism, especially the internal structure.
4 any close examination, analysis or study of something.
5 non-technical someone's body.
[14c: from Greek ana up + temnein to cut]
anatomical adjective .
anatomically adverb .

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