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age pronunciación
1 the period of time during which a person, animal, plant or phenomenon has lived or existed.
2 a particular stage in life old age .
3 psychol one's developmental equivalent in years compared with the average for one's chronological age.
4 the fact or time of being old.
5 in the Earth's history: an interval of time during which specific life forms, physical conditions, geological events, etc were dominant the Ice Age .
6 (usu ages) colloq a very long time.
verb (aged , ageing or aging )
1 intr to show signs of growing old.
2 intr to grow old.
3 intr to mature.
4 to make someone seem older or look old.
[13c: from French aage , from Latin aetas ]
ageing or aging noun , adjective .
act or be one's age to behave sensibly.
come of age to become legally old enough to have an adult's rights and duties.
of an age of the same, or a similar, age.
over age too old.
under age too young to be legally allowed to do something, eg buy alcoholic drink.

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