Lengua inglesa
above pronunciación
1 higher than or over something.
2 more or greater than something in quantity or degree.
3 higher or superior to someone in rank, importance, ability, etc.
4 too good or great for a specified thing above petty quarrels .
5 too good, respected, etc to be affected by or subject to something.
6 too difficult to be understood by, or beyond the abilities of, someone.
1 at, in or to a higher position, place, rank, etc.
a in an earlier passage of written or printed text;
b in compounds above-mentioned .
3 literary in heaven.
adjective appearing or mentioned in an earlier or preceding passage of written or printed text.
noun (the above) something already mentioned.
[Anglo-Saxon abufan ]
above all most of all; more than anything else.
above and beyond more than is required by or in addition to a specified thing.
above oneself having an inflated opinion of one's importance; conceited or arrogant.

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