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resultar pronunciación
verbo intransitivo
1 ( gen ) to result, be the result of .
   esto resulta de las operaciones que se realizaron this is the result of the transactions which were carried out .
2 ( ser ) to be .
   la casa resulta pequeña the house is small .
   resultó vencedor he won .
3 ( acabar siendo ) to turn out to be .
   resultó ser muy agradable he turned out to be very nice .
   aquel plan resultó un éxito that plan turned out to be a success .
4 ( salir ) to come out, turn out, work out .
   todo resultó como esperábamos it all worked out as we expected .
5 ( ocurrir ) to turn out .
   resulta que está enfermo y no puede venir it turns out that he's ill and can't come .
6 ( ser conveniente ) to be advisable .
   resulta mirar bien antes de comprar one should have a good look around before buying .
7 ( tener éxito ) to be a success, come off .
   el negocio resultó the business was a success .
   la actuación no resultó the performance didn't come off .
8 ( combinarse ) to go ( con, with), match ( con, -) .
   esos zapatos no resultan con ese vestido those shoes don't go with that dress .
9 ( costar ) to cost ( por, -), come ( por, to) .
   los pantalones resultan por treinta euros the trousers cost thirty euros .
resulta que it turns out that  
   resulta que era médico it turns out that he was a doctor .
   ahora resulta que no tiene adónde ir now it seems that she hasn't got anywhere to go .
viene a resultar lo mismo it amounts to the same thing  

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