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zero pronunciación
noun (zeros )
1 the number, figure or symbol 0.
2 the point on a scale, eg on a thermometer, which is taken as the base from which measurements may be made 5 degrees below zero . See also absolute zero.
3 zero hour.
1 being of no measurable size.
2 colloq not any; no She has zero confidence .
verb (zeroes , zeroed , zeroing ) to set or adjust something to zero.
[17c: from French zéro , from Arabic sifr ]
zero in on something
1 to aim for it; to move towards it.
2 to focus one's attention on it.
3 to aim a weapon at it.

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the Big Apple
noun , US colloq New York City.
[1920s: the term first came into use among US jazz musicians; it may relate to the old jive term apple meaning -the planet- or -universe-, and so -any large place-]

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