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write pronunciación
verb (past tense wrote , past participle written , present participle writing )
1 tr & intr (also write something down) to mark or produce (letters, symbols, numbers, words, sentences, etc) on a surface, especially paper, usually using a pen or pencil.
2 a to compose or create (a book or music, etc) in manuscript, typescript or on computer, etc;
b to be the author or composer of (a book or music, etc).
3 intr to compose novels or contribute articles to newspapers, etc, especially as a living.
4 to make or fill in (a cheque, prescription, etc).
5 tr & intr to compose (a letter, etc) I must write to him .
6 to say or express in a letter, article or book, etc.
7 to put up-to-date information in (a diary, etc).
8 to include (a condition, etc) in a contract, or will, etc.
9 to underwrite (an insurance policy).
10 to fill (pages or sheets, etc) with writing.
11 to display clearly Guilt was written all over his face .
12 to decree or foretell.
13 to inscribe or engrave (a surface).
14 comput to transfer (data) to a memory or storage device.
[Anglo-Saxon writan ]
write something down to reduce its accounting value. See also write-down.
write down to someone to write in a simplified style for their benefit.
write in to write a letter formally to an organization, TV programme, etc.
write off to write and send a letter of request I wrote off for a catalogue .
write something off
1 to damage a vehicle (in a crash) beyond repair. See also write-off.
2 to cancel (a debt).
3 to discontinue (a project, etc) because it is likely to fail.
4 to dismiss something as being of no importance.
write something out
1 to write it in full; to copy or transcribe it.
2 to remove a character or scene from a film or serial, etc.
write something up
1 to write or rewrite it in a final form.
2 to bring (a diary or accounts, etc) up to date.
3 to write about it or review it, especially approvingly. See also write-up.

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