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1 most bad, awful or unpleasant, etc.
2 most grave, severe, acute or dire.
3 most inferior; lowest in standard.
1 the worst thing, part or possibility.
2 the most advanced degree of badness.
adverb most severely; most badly.
verb (worsted , worsting ) to defeat someone; to get the better of them.
[Anglo-Saxon wyrst , the adjective form used as a superlative of bad and ill]
at its, etc worst in the worst state or severest degree.
at worst or at the worst
1 in the worst possible circumstances.
2 taking the most unfavourable or pessimistic view.
do your worst an indignant expression rejecting or defying a threat, etc.
get the worst of or come off worst in something to lose a fight or argument, etc.
if the worst comes to the worst if the worst happens.

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