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worry pronunciación
verb (worries , worried , worrying )
1 intr to be anxious; to fret.
2 to make someone anxious.
3 to bother, pester or harass someone.
4 said of a dog:
a to tear and pull something about with its teeth;
b to chase and bite (sheep, etc).
5 (often worry at something) to try persistently to solve (a problem, etc).
6 intr (usu worry along or through) to continue or progress, regardless of any problems or difficulties.
noun (worries )
1 a state of anxiety.
2 a cause of anxiety.
3 the act of biting and pulling about with the teeth by a dog.
[Anglo-Saxon wyrgan to strangle]
worried adjective .
worriedly adverb .
worrier noun .
worrying noun , adjective .
worryingly adverb .
not to worry colloq there is no cause for worry or alarm; never mind.

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