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world pronunciación
1 the Earth.
2 the people inhabiting the Earth; humankind.
3 any other planet or potentially habitable heavenly body.
4 human affairs the present state of the world .
5 (also World) a group of countries characterized in a certain way the Third World the New World .
6 (also World) the people of a particular period, and their culture the Ancient World .
7 a state of existence in this world or the next .
8 (the world) human existence, especially regarded as oppressive and materialistic, or as distinct from spiritual or intellectual life escape from the world of today .
9 someone's individual way of life or range of experience He's in a world of his own .
10 an atmosphere or environment enter a world of make-believe .
11 a particular area of activity the world of politics .
12 a class of living things the insect world .
13 colloq a great deal; a lot did her a world of good We are worlds apart .
adjective relating to, affecting, or important throughout, the whole world.
[Anglo-Saxon weorold ]
all the world and his wife colloq everybody; a large number of people.
be or mean all the world to someone to be important or precious to them.
the best of both worlds the benefits of both alternatives with the drawbacks of neither.
bring someone into the world to give birth to or deliver (a baby).
come into the world to be born.
come or go up (or down) in the world to rise (or fall) in social status.
for all the world as if?exactly as if?
in the world used for emphasis How in the world?? without a care in the world .
it's a small world colloq an indication of surprise or interest, etc at an unexpected and unlikely coincidence.
not for the world not for anything.
on top of the world colloq supremely happy.
out of this world colloq extraordinarily fine; marvellous.
the world is your, etc oyster the world and its opportunities await you, etc.
think the world of someone to love or admire them immensely.

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