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work pronunciación
1 physical or mental effort made in order to achieve or make something, eg labour, study, research, etc.
2 employment out of work .
3 one's place of employment He leaves work at 4.30 .
4 (also in compounds ) tasks to be done She often brings work home with her housework .
5 the product of mental or physical labour His work has improved a lifetime's work .
6 a manner of working, or workmanship.
7 a any literary, artistic, musical, or dramatic composition or creation;
b (works) the entire collection of such material by an artist, composer or author, etc.
8 anything done, managed, made or achieved, etc; an activity carried out for some purpose works of charity .
9 old use needlework.
10 in compounds things made in the material or with the tools specified; the production of such things basketwork .
11 in compounds the parts of a building, etc using a specified material stonework .
12 (works) (often in compounds ) building or repair operations roadworks .
13 (works) (often in compounds ) a rampart or defence earthworks .
14 (works) colloq the operating parts of eg a watch or machine; the mechanism.
15 (works) (often in compounds ) the place of manufacture of a specified product gasworks .
16 (the works) colloq everything possible or available; the whole lot She has a headache, fever, cold ? the works!
17 physics the transfer of energy that occurs when force is exerted on a body to move it, measured in joules.
adjective relating to, or suitable for, etc work work clothes .
verb (worked , working )
1 intr to do work; to exert oneself mentally or physically; to toil, labour or study.
2 intr to be employed or have a job.
3 to impose tasks on someone; to make them labour She works her staff hard .
4 tr & intr to operate, especially satisfactorily Does this radio work?
5 intr said of a plan or idea, etc: to be successful or effective.
6 intr to function in a particular way That's not how life works .
7 intr said of a craftsman: to specialize in the use of a specified material He works in brass .
8 to shape or fashion (metals or other materials); to make by doing this earrings worked in silver .
9 to cultivate (land).
10 to extract materials from (a mine).
11 to knead (eg dough).
12 to cover (an area) as a salesman, etc.
13 to sew or embroider, etc.
14 to achieve (miracles, wonders, etc).
15 colloq to manipulate (a system or rules, etc) to one's advantage.
16 intr (work on someone) colloq to use one's powers of persuasion on them.
17 intr (work on something) to use it as a basis for one's decisions and actions working on that assumption .
18 tr & intr to make (one's way), or shift or make something shift gradually work one's way forward worked the nail out of the wall .
19 intr said eg of a screw: to become gradually (loose or free, etc).
20 intr said of the face or features: to move uncontrollably with emotion; to contort.
21 to exercise (a part of the body).
22 intr said of a liquid: to ferment.
23 to earn (one's sea passage) by unpaid work on board.
[Anglo-Saxon weorc ]
workless adjective .
all in a day's work not being any more work or trouble than usual.
a?piece or bit of work colloq a person, especially with regard to an unfavourable aspect of character or disposition He's a nasty piece of work .
give someone the works colloq to use every measure available in dealing with them, by way of eg punishment, coercion or welcome.
have one's work cut out colloq to be faced with a challenging task.
make short work of something or someone to deal with it or them rapidly and effectively.
work something in to find a place for it; to fit it in I'll work an appointment in somehow .
work something off to get rid of (energy or the effects of a heavy meal) by energetic activity.
work out
1 to be successfully achieved or resolved It'll all work out in the end .
2 to perform a set of energetic physical exercises She's working out at the gym . See also workout.
work something out to solve it; to sort or reason it out.
work someone over colloq to beat them up.
work someone up to excite or agitate them.
work something up to summon up (an appetite, enthusiasm or energy, etc).
work up to something to approach (a difficult task or objective) by gradual stages.

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